What is MegsRadio.fm?

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When I am talking to someone about what I do, I tell them “my students and I are building a personalized radio system, like Pandora, but one that focuses on promoting the music and events of local artists.

There are a couple of other important things to know:

  1. We are student-driven: MegsRadio.fm has been built by an amazing group of Ithaca College and Cornell Students. We have been jammin’ on this project since 2010.
  2. We are commercial-free: This project is supported by two grants from the National Science foundation and one grant from Amazon Web Services
  3.  We are focused on the listening experience: Both our interactive apps (web, iOS, Android) and our intelligent playlist algorithms are designed to provide listeners with the best possible music discovery experience.

Please stay tuned to this blog for news, artist profiles, event information, and much more…


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Founder and primary investigator for MegsRadio Assoicate Professor of Computer Science at Ithaca College

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