Credits is the brainchild of Doug Turnbull at Ithaca College. It has been designed,  developed, and promoted through the efforts of many talented students and colleagues over the past few years.

Current Team

Danny Akimchuk (Backend Developer)
Jon Burger (Android Developer)
David Dorsey (Front-end and iOS Developer)
Daniel Kustin (UX Developer)
Fiona Lynch (Graphic and Interactive Design)
Harrison Malkin (Community Reporting)
Joe Menduni (Backend Developer)
Sarah Noell (Social Media)
Chris Perez (Backend and Android Developer)
Elena Piech (Community Outreach)
Evan Sobkowicz (iOS and Web Developer)
Luke Waldner (Data Engineer)

Past Contributors

Ali Akhtar (UX Designer)
Mariah Flaim (iOS Developer)
Andrew Horwitz (Core Developer)
Matt Kercher (iOS Developer)
Adam Linden (UI/UX Designer)
Stephen Meyerhofer (Backend Developer)
Ashley Oudenne (UI Developer)
Richard Roberts (Backend Developer)
Alex Spirgel (UI Designer)
Kris Stensland (Core Developer)
Laurence Welch (System Architect)
Alex Wolf (Core Developer)
Justin Zupnick (UX Designer)


Brian Dozoretz (Local Music Guru, Ithaca College)
Thorsten Joachims (Machine Learning Master, Cornell University)
Shane Moore (Software Architecture and Playlist Guide, Amazon Music)
Will Van Dyke (Digital Music Expert, Warner Music)


This work is supported by NSF Grants IIS-1217485, IIS-1217686, IIS-1615679, and IIS-1615706 and well as an educational grant from Amazon Web Services.