Frequently Asked Questions

Does MegsRadio sell the data that is collected by the system?

No. Any data that we collect is used internally to automatically improve our system. In some cases, we may release a subset of our data into the public domain for the explicit use of the academic research community. In all cases, the data is obfuscated and aggregated so that all personally identifiable information is removed.

Is MegsRadio legal?

Definitely. MegsRadio operates as a non-interactive digital music service out of Ithaca College. Ithaca College maintains licenses with the three major Performance Rights Organizations (ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC). In addition, MegsRadio maintains a statutory sound recording license as a noncommercial educational webcaster with Sound Exchange.

How much music do you have in your catalogue?

We currently have about 30,000 songs by over 10,000 artists. Of these, there are about 3000 songs by 400 local Ithaca-area artists. While this is relatively small compared to commercial music services, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have songs by dozens of eclectic Ithaca-area artists as well as other musicians who play shows nearby.

Can a local artist have their music included in the MegsRadio music catalogue?

Yes. If you want us to include your music, please contact us at donate@megsradio.fm and we will fill you in on the details.

Where do we get all of our music information from?

MegsRadio uses a ton of data when recommending music to you. This includes local music from WICB, our amazing college radio station at Ithaca College. We use the Spotify API and Last.fm APIs for audio analysis of our music tracks, cleaning our music metadata, and harvesting artist similarities and music tags.  Finally, we collect music event information from a variety of sources including the Ithaca Times, Dan Smalls Presents, and JamBase.

Can I help help the MegsRadio.fm cause?

We are looking for motivated individuals to help us promote our local music scene. There are two  ways you can help:

  1. branding, promotion, and community outreach: Do you like talking to artists, venue owners, and festival organizers?  Are you good at designing posters, t-shirts, and branded material? Are you interested in writing pieces for our blog?
  2. software design and development: Do you enjoy designing interactive experiences? Are you interested in implementing playlist algorithms? Are you good at software engineering?

If your answers “yes” (or even “maybe”) then, drop us a line at doug@megsradio.fm.